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RE: HIVE - STEEM - TRON proponents...BINANCE and Justin in between...

in GEMS10 months ago

I suppose the prosaic last words here might be "Last one out, remember to turn off the lights!"

Like you, I'm headed to HIVE, but I'm also not dumping my Steem... quite yet. I imagine JS will get this way soon, and at some point he will do something to pump Steem to some very high level as part of his profit-taking exist strategy... and I hope to ride that wave out of here, for the last time. Who knows.

Until then, it's awesome to be part of this amazing ongoing "experiment" in decentralization. I still believe we may look back on this from 10 years in the future and realize this was a watershed moment in which the idea of community-driven projects CAN stand up to and reject "Big Corporate" style entities.


I couldn't have said it any better. See you on the other side my friend.