The Panther Branch Trail

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Today, it is so cold outside that I'm thinking of warmer days so I'll be showing you just a few photos from the Panther Branch Trail that I took last year. The Panther Branch Trail is part of the Gunpowder Falls State Park. This part of the park is located near 17910 York Road in Parkton, Maryland. Parkton is also part of Baltimore County in the Hereford area.




This was a visit from Spring of last year and I think the fresh Spring greenery definitely shows nicely in my photos.



Seeing flowers along the trail added some pretty pops of color as well!



I'm excited to show you this particular part of the trail because it was a beautiful sunny day and this area had a bit of sunflare show up in my photos ...


... and the sun flare could also be seen as I looked down from the small elevation that I was on to the water below!


Additionally, this part of the trail had some beautiful ferns that were not only by the water side of the trail but were also spread across the opposite side of the trail.



This is my last photo as this visit was a short one. I wanted to show some photos from this visit because I was thinking about what a beautiful day it had been and that I would like to make another visit there. I don't see that happening though until next Spring since it has gotten cold here. Maybe if I get a not so cold day and my husband has off from work then we will try it otherwise it will have to wait for a while. It would be interesting to see the Panther Branch Trail during this time of year also (I think). Uh oh! Sounds like I might be totally talking myself into it ... now I just have to get my husband to think so too! 😉


Thank you @c0ff33a for #sublimesunday!!
All photos and text by me @deerjay. All rights reserved.



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Thank you very much @ecency!! I appreciate the encouragement and support! 💖

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Thanks @pixresteemer!! Lol...I did make a return visit on probably the coldest day we've had so far but it was pretty. I pulled my back more than a couple times this week so haven't been on..I got some catching up to do! 😉💕

A Sublime Sunday to warm us on chilly December days Dee.💞 I can feel the warmth as the sun shines through the trees and on the water.😊

Have a wonderful week!

Thanks Jo!! My return visit was too chilly but still pretty. I have so many visits (here and there) that I haven't even posted yet. I pulled my back out pretty good this past week but feeling better 💞

I was wondering if you were okay Dee. ❤️Good to know you are feeling better.

Suppose to be quite a snowstorm to the south of us. I hope you are not in the storm’s path.

🌲Best wishes of the season.🌲🎅

It's never too cold, it's just the wrong clothing 🤣
But I have to admit that I don't like the coldness that much either 😉

Looks like a very nice hike along the water through the woods. I love such small trails with the plants and trees so close 😄

Cheers and !BEER

Thank you @johannpiber!! I did return (for better or worse) and it was pretty darn cold as it was our coldest day here so far but I couldn't not go since I had the chance. 😉💖

If you have the chance and the time you have to do it. I can fully understand that and hope you had a good time although it was freezing cold ☺️

You're most welcome, @deerjay, wish you a wonderful and warm weekend 🌞🤗

Cheers and !BEER

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Isn't spring just so beautiful you have so many beautiful spring colors here i bet you can't wait till next spring , winter is beautiful also but just wish it didn't come with the cold 😁

Thanks @kohsamui99!! I did return and of course I had to pick the coldest day yet here to do Was worth it though but I wouldn't have minded it being a few degrees warmer. 😊💖

Your most welcome @deerjay it is getting colder over your side of the world can't be avoided 😁