Boulders Along The Central - Sweathouse Area

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Happy Boulder Sunday! Today, I'll be showing some boulders that I saw while at the Big Gunpowder Falls State Park in Baltimore County, Maryland.




This is at the Central - Sweathouse Area of the park and I was on the Stocksdale Trail and the Sweathouse Trail.



There were a few rocky areas along the opposite side of the water. This was the largest of the few formations that I saw.



I thought this particular grouping had some very interesting characteristics! I can (kinda') see a dog, a turtle and a frog in the rocks. Shhh! Don't judge me ... lol!




I'm glad that no actual wild critters came darting out from under those boulders. I couldn't really see how far back these little caverns went but I could imagine some wild critter "hole-ing" up in there.


I visited here just after Halloween and although I didn't expect to see much in the way of Autumn colors, I was pleasantly surprised to catch a few glimpses of some Autumn colors that survived a storm that we had just before Halloween. Don't worry as the trees in this post are accompanied by some wonderful boulders!




This was such a nice visit as the temperature was perfect and it was a sunny day. Actually, it was so sunny that I got so much sun flare when photographing downstream of the Gunpowder River and even occasionally photographing right across the river.



Coming up in another interesting set of rocks in the river!


I call this set of rocks the "hippopotamus with baby". I call it that but it really got named such from my husband who said "that looks like a hippopotamus with a baby hippopotamus". I thought it was funny and I can see it! I guess we both see imaginary things in the rocks!


The water was low and pretty clear in some areas so you could get a good glimpse of some boulders and rocks underneath the water as well.




I certainly got to see a lot of different things during this visit and I still have more to show you in upcoming posts. This was the same area that I photographed the Downy Woodpecker in my last post. I still have more to post on the trees, Autumn colors, the river, sun flare (lol) and maybe even a surprise or two. For now though, I'll leave you with another boulder or two or more (and one little edit)! 🙂




Thank you @shasta for #bouldersunday!!
All photos and text by me @deerjay. All rights reserved.



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Thanks so much @pixresteemer!! In case I don't get to say it or forget before the Holiday then I want to wish you a Merry Christmas! Much love...🤗💞

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Thanks so much @ybanezkim26 and @pinmapple Team!! 😊

Lots of big boulders on your visit to the park Dee. I see the different forms in the rocks and "hippopotamus with baby” is a great one.

I hope you are feeling better💞

Thank you very much Jo!! I thought the "hippopotamus with baby” was cute and I'm glad you see the forms too. Wishing you and hubby and the fur babies a Merry Christmas in case I don't make it back on before then. 🎄💕

You are always welcome Dee. ❤️

🎄All the best to you and yours. Have a blessed and safe Christmas!🎄🎅

Nature at her finest..😊

Thanks so much @manorvillemike!! So true! Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas! 🙂🎄

Looks like such a peaceful place for a walk the nature looks great and the boulders are beautiful 😇

Thank you so much @kohsamui99!! It was very peaceful and we had it almost to ourselves as we only crossed paths with about four other people. It was nice to still see some colors on the trees. 😊

Just beautiful just the sort of walks i love not crowded 👍

Thank you for such a wonderful boulder treat ❤ @deerjay! :-)

I just love your rivers and creeks, so many rocks and such clear
water and gorgeous trees. The boulders do look like mom and baby
hippos. The big pile of rocks reminds me of a snapping turtle lol
✨ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

Thank you so much @shasta and you're very welcome!! I wish I could've gotten out near the water a few days ago. I rode by after some rain and the water was really high and wild. Was a little scary looking and cool at the same time. I probably wouldn't have seen many boulders under the water then but I always know they are there. 😉💖
Wishing you a Blessed New Year! 😊

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