A Quick Wednesday Walk

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This is the walk that I took last week. I walked along the Lower Susquehanna Greenway Trail that is near the Conowingo Dam in Harford County, Maryland.


I did show a few of these photos in sepia tone this past Saturday but I've also included in this post some photos that I haven't shown yet.


This (for me) is a slightly shorter post than usual as I haven't been feeling too great. Today is the first day in about five or six days that I woke up feeling somewhat normal or I should say somewhat normal for me. So, naturally, I went for a quick walk which I'll be showing those photos soon enough. I do love this trail and I'm sure I say that about most of the trails here but it is completely level here and quite scenic!



On this visit I did see a lot of people fishing and I even saw one man catch a Striped Bass that looked to be almost twenty inches long. I think I was as much excited for him as he was for reeling it in. He released it though as I believe in wasn't within the allowable size to keep. I wished I could've gotten a photo of it to show you.


I did, however, get an interesting photo of a smaller fish along the trail. It looked like a bird (possibly an eagle) dropped it while flying over or from a perch up high in a tree. Definitely not something one sees often on the trail..lol.


Maybe this feather is from the bird that caught that fish on the trail?! I don't know what kind of bird the feather came from but it was a pretty feather in my opinion.


I do like the way the leaves on the trees look in this next photo. They look nice against the sky and water.


This day had a mixture of clouds and sun. My walk started out a little chilly but walking makes you warm up quickly.


Geez! For a post that I tried to keep shorter than usual, I still managed to make it longer than I had planned! Oh well! Till next time...Happy Trails and Happy Wednesday! 💖


Thank you @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk!!



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Nice photos mam 😊

Thanks @judyannegamis! : )

I’m glad you are getting out some Dee. 💞 A lovely place to do a Wednesday Walk. I hope another animal finds the fish and finishes eating it.

Thank you very much Jo!! I'm sure another bird or animal will find it. The bird that dropped it was probably waiting till we left to swoop down and reclaim its meal. 😉 💕

Love walking into nature paths like that feeling that fresh breeze and breathing that clean air that looks like a nice area to be walking 😊

Thanks so much @kohsamui99!! It is a very nice area and a nice place to forget about your troubles for a little while. 🙂

Your very welcome @deerjay we have that spot when we need that comfort zone and looks as if you have yours just a cool hidden green area 👍