religion and spirituality

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Religion is agreement, while spirituality is a journey. Religion provides a complete description of the word, and offers us a well defined contact with a predetermined purpose, spirituality is a way of life in which a person seeks to connect with God or their True Nature, spiritualism, on the other hand, is a movement which is based on the belief that we can connect with a deceased soul. ____________________________________________



____________________________________________ There are five types of spiritual paths viz

  1. Earth Based Spirituality connects with material nature as a gateway to the Divine
  2. Metaphysical Spirituality, Connecting with non-material nature as a gateway to the Divine
  3. Body based spirituality, using the body as a gateway to the Divine
  4. Spiritual based qolbu, using the heart as a gate to God.
  5. Mind-based spirituality, using the mind as a gateway to the Divine. ____________________________________________



____________________________________________ Each of these then has its own behavior and imitation, the Spiritual gate, as a divine concept, as a bridge to access the universal network of consciousness.


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