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Hi Hivers,

Hope you're all having a wonderful moment round the world. I wish to use this medium to take us through a brief tour on the dimensional keys of true love. So get ready, set, and here we go.

Love is a complex emotional state of behavior characteristized by feelings of affection, tenderness, warmth, protectiveness and respect for another person. It can be triggered by beliefs associated with strong feelings or intimacy. Some Love tend to be healthy why some are not. Among the types of love these four major types which are;

Agape: love of mankind, that exercised by godly love.
Eros: meaning erotic, passionate love.
Philia: love without romantic attraction and occurs with friends and equals.
Storge: Familiar love.

As we all know, Love, is undoubtedly a beautiful thing. Everyone wants to love and be loved by others in return. At the course of my write-up, I'll be unravelling the mysteries behind True Love in this part of my post and to the next to come.




Love is beautiful, good, wonderful and natural, but true love comes from the bottom of one’s heart. Since ages past till now, the entire world have been on struggles while sustaining itself through Love. No Commandment is ever known to be greater than Love, as it is an Authority of its own which overrules nature and humanity as a whole.


Dimensions of Love



Love is passion-driven. Passion is a strong or extravagant fund of somebody or the desire or intense enthusiasm for something. It is self-motivated by Pursuit as its major element. True passion overwrites insecurity. When you claim to love someone or something and you’re protecting your vulnerability, it’s mystical to know that you don’t love such a person or thing. So Passion is a true element of love.



This is the willingness to give yourself to somebody or something you believe in. Commitment is also an engagement or obligation to someone or something that restricts your freedom of action. Many people are afraid of commitment because of the restrictions that comes with it. That’s why most guys or ladies finds solace in casual relationships rather than building a futuristic relationship with their opposite sex, and this later leads to regrets in most cases.


This is simply the satisfaction or delight derived from being loved in return by someone you intimately love. You feel the sense of joy, peace and satisfaction as a result of the good vibes and lovely atmosphere that encapsulates you both in your love cycle. A good relationship with people, colleagues, friends and family also comes with the atmosphere of joy and pleasure to make your day a remarkable one.



Sacrifice defines the act of giving up something you consider of more value to you at a point in time out of your inconvenience. You sacrifice for someone to make him/her happy and able to meet up with an urgent obligation. Sacrificing at times, can be more painful as it might require you giving your last penny to someone in an unforeseen circumstance, and this is truly, a proof of love which could make "a true shepherd lay down his life for his sheep".

Sacrifice defines self-inconveniences for the sole purpose of comforting and meeting the need of others or your spouse at the expense of your uncertainties. When one gives with the motive of receiving something back in return, such doesn't demonstrate true sacrifice. Hence, sacrifice can be considered as a true test of Love in most cases. It is quite unfortunate to know that many people eat up their future today and regret tomorrow due to lack of sacrifice.

Sacrifice is like a farmer giving his seeds out to someone in need with the mind of not expecting anything in return. To Love, one needs to get ready to pay whatever sacrifices that comes with it. So, sacrifice is a true test of Love as it is elemental to your progress and personality in the long run.

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Thank you for the time and do have a lovely moment. Stay safe #Hivers


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