how is the normal day in my life

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Good morning and happy weekend to all of this community and to all of #HIVE

This morning while I am negotiating some collector's pieces and also illustrating, it occurred to me to make a post in which I explain a little my day to day, normal days that I have when I do not have to do other things outside the routine


Well, here is a little explanation of what I do on work days from home, either starting here I work from home, illustrating and negotiating collector's pieces both for reselling or for my personal collection, which I have tried lately. obtain pieces for my personal collection, which precisely thanks to this #HIVE platform and the help of @genesishealthy I have been able to do it without my pocket hurting

My days are what I call LOCK-UP MODE, this is because I enter my world and space and isolate myself from the day-to-day problems of my country and as much as possible I seek to get ahead with what I love and like

That's why whenever possible I research on collecting in general


Illustrating, sometimes I spend time on this that I can last a whole day and I only stop to eat and go to the bathroom hahaha


researching and negotiating antiques and collectibles, despite the fact that the economy is not very good in my country as much as possible I try to make this flow and one learns a lot and helps to be distracted

and sometimes watching new series or why not classics

if my days to days are quiet I try as much as possible to distract myself in what I like and if they are my everyday days