Two WV people get in a brawl over social distancing πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€›πŸ»

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Evidently some people are taking social distancing to a new level. These two girls got in a fist fight because one was lingering too close to the other. This video was captured from my bedroom video (by me) in Charleston, WV.


Cleary these girls have gone mad!

While at home, I always listen closely. The second I hear some screaming outside of my apartment downtown, I get my camera ready to film the action. In this instance, I witnessed two girls arguing over social distancing. One was furious that the other was lingering around her. So much so that she continued to rage after the fight was over. Both were clearly on some type of drugs making all sorts of weird sounds and acting like maniacs.

View another crazy video from my window

A few weeks back I saw a girl smash a glass door around the same general location as this cat fight. The area is a breeding ground for chaos. I love having wild entertainment to watch live every so often and share here on my blog with the world.


Watch the other video

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The top right picture looks like she's trying to dab while Naruto running against some chick trying to slap her. Color me intrigued.

Lmfao I live your imagination. It really does look like that!

Wow! This girl is crazy! Good thing she didn't see you lol!

I am a stealthy ninja, nobody spots me. I am on the second floor and most don't think to look up, especially when they are blowing up like a volcano.


Haha spot on!

Haha wow! aren't you just running into all kinds of things lately! πŸ˜ƒ

😈 I may or may not be secretly wishing to observe some craziness, just so I can turn it into a πŸ’£ blog or video

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Covid 19 times anything can happen lol

Truly, nothing seems impossible anymore.