Pleasant evenings on the Black Sea coast. Crimea.

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Pleasant evenings on the Black Sea coast. Crimea.
I liked Evpatoria. Everything is beautiful here, the city and the beaches and the warm sea. I like how gentle the sand on the beach is. Therefore, the sand is pleasant to walk and you can lie like on a bed) And the sea is very warm, it warms up quickly.
This vacation turned out spontaneously, we did not plan to travel to Crimea in advance. But then it occurred to us to go traveling. Although for me a trip to Moscow is a trip)
And here we are in the Crimea.
Evpatoria is a wonderful city. The city itself stands on the Black Sea coast. This is a very old city, the Greeks began to build it) This city is already 2500 years old) imagine, very, very much)
The city is divided into 2: new and old city. New high-rise buildings have been built in the new city, in general there are many new buildings. And in the old city there are old buildings, in the old half of the city every street keeps a history.


How romantic :)