It's called farming

in GEMS2 months ago

Hi everyone .
This is how people become more impudent in all, half a day has passed already 4 posts have been posted.
By the way, tomorrow he will vote for himself and there will be all posts for 50 beehives.
It's called farming



It's called being transparent about what their community does and getting rewarded for bothering. Try running a community yourself with a large stake entrusted, people need to know what it's used for and why. Authoring that post and micromanaging what goes on with curation on the background takes a lot of time, time they could use to do other stuff that can be lucrative.

You've been farming other people's work and pocket the rewards for your own gain. You would have been left alone if you continue giving away portions or the rewards you receive or having the authors you feature as beneficiaries.

Stop playing the victim.