Here I am🌾

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Here I am🌾
I love my city. Although now I visit Moscow more often. I would like to live in Moscow, there are many opportunities here. But I also love my hometown where I was born. Hometown is like home. So I am my city is my home. I was born in Voronezh, my childhood passed here, and my son often comes here. Voronezh has beautiful nature, there is a forest outside the city. I like it, I like to go out of town, we love nature, we love the forest.


Hi @daio, Beautiful photo shoot you have presented to Hive community. Your smile makes more happiness. Voronezh is perfect place for see natural beauty and breath fresh air.

hi) thank you)

There is nothing like walking among the trees where you come from to make you feel at peace. Never underestimate the value. Nice to see you happy. :)