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How long do you have to wait to realise how potent and effective that man in the mirror can be?

How long do you have to doubt his possibilities and potential, his charisma and enigmatic qualities?

How long will you keep doing the same thing, the same way and expecting different results, have you thought of trying other means?

How long will you keep quiet how was your present situation?

How long will you remain in your comfort zone do you know how many that have gone far ahead of you?

When will you wake up I realise that you can do extraordinary things if you have a positive mindset?

When did you wake up activate the sleeping giant in you?

When will you push the man in the mirror beyond his limit to do greater things?

How long do you have to wait for opportunities to come, have you tried creating the opportunity yourself?

How long do you have to wait to realise that anything worth doing is worth doing well?

How long do you have to wait to realise that, it is only you and you alone that can pilot your future and the key to this future lies in your hand?

When will you wake up and leave that comfort zone?

When will you think big, work hard to create your own future? That man can make it!

Look at the man in the mirror, it is only you. If you want to succeed talk to the man in the mirror. He has all it takes to succeed against all odds. That man can make it!

The greatest disability is in the mind and not the physical body. You can make it!

There is nothing impossible that cannot be achieved, it is all about determination, the way to succeed perseverance and consistency.

Talk to the man in the mirror and get to work! You can make it. Never doubt yourself, you are man in the mirror.

Happy Sunday ❤️❤️❤️

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