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The general principle and rule in life is this, when something becomes too known, freely accessible and everywhere, automatically, the value of such thing drops.

It is more like the demand and supply and to be specific let's simply relate it to why halving of Bitcoin was done.

Familiarity breeds contempt. We must learn to once in a while be intentionally scarce so that we maintain our relevance.

If you had noticed, if you stay in school for almost a year or let's say 6 months and then return home, the Joy and grins on your siblings and parents face will be welcoming, in fact they will be more than happy to see you again.

This is the opposite if you are the type that goes home virtually everyday. As long as they continue seeing you, they won't obviously miss or feel your impact until you are long gone.

This is why they always say that, you don't know the value of value what you have until you lose it.

Once in a while be intentionally scarce if you want people to always see your relevance and impact you have on them.

Don't always be too accessible, easy to get, easy to manipulate manipulate rather maintain some principle and stick by them.

If you want to be relevant be, intentionally scarce once in a while.

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