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Dreams are what pursuing and also worth achieving when we work towards it.

When you have a goal or a target in sight that you wish to achieve, never take advice from those who will likely talk you out of it.

You never take advice from those who have given up on their dream or allow them talk you out of your dream.

It is much preferable to filter their advice and pick the good out of it if you don't want to totally shut them out but at any point they want to discourage you distance yourself from them.

Don't let them talk you out of your dream. That they could not achieve or do it does not mean you cannot achieve it.

We are all different and so is our future and destiny.

Look for those who have gone far ahead of you and have achieved that similar vision or goal of yours. They will be in a better position to advise you and encourage you to even do far better than them.

They will also be in a better position to guide you and show you the necessary steps to take to avoid the mistakes they made.

As much as possible stay away from those that want to talk you out of what you want to do which seems promising. Their negative words can be demoralizing and if you're not careful, it can ultimately derail and ruin you.

Don't tell everybody your plans. Keep it to yourself and only seek advice when necessary.

Remember seek from those that have achieved that thing you wish to pursue.

Negativity out positivity in!
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