A Secondary Bucketlist dedicated to helping others #payitforward

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A lot of people have bucketlists, including me. I know I have written it down here on Hive before :D
But Bucketlists are always selfish, like its about what YOU want to achieve and your goals. (Nothing wrong with that).

But I thought, what about making a Secondary Bucketlist with the purpose of helping others?! It might sound crazy! But I think its neat and for a good course :D

This is in non-particular order.

  1. Being able to give away 1000 dkk ($161 usd) to homeless people on a random basis.
  2. Buy 5 trees a month (I am already buying 1 a month).
  3. Getting a surplus of Passive Hive to be able to give out hbi, dustsweeper or Hp bonuses.
  4. Subscribing to different yt/patreons to help, startup creators. ( $5 - $100)
  5. Being able to fund projects through hive/blockchain in the future!

This targets will take time to hit and being hit at different times and levels.

No. 3. Seems like the easiest one at the moment during to the growth of my account.

No. 2 + 4. Might be the next two to hit. Since I am already buying 1 tree a month and adding 1 Patreon at 5$ wouldn't be the end of me. But I would like to get a job first :p

No. 1. It seems novel, but thats quite a lot of money. Its around 2 weeks of Groceries on average, so that woumd require more investment in generel to sustain that long term.

No. 5. This aligns with No. 3 to som extend, but I wouldn't might investing with Fiat to help to fund this, but this is a very longterm plan :D




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Yay! 🤗
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