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in GEMS9 months ago

Thanks for sharing your music on the Hive Blockchain!

Accordingly, we formally invite you to the World of Music Community on Hive. We would love to see your music there! 🎵🗺️

You can cross-post this there too.

I'll be upvoting at 100% to every post/crosspost in the World of Music community.

We also have a Hive app! It's a music map that can post on Hive for you.


  1. Makes it easier to share music on Hive (Just copy/paste links)
  2. Encourages people to Up from your Hive post, which helps the music grow Bigger on the map

Here's a cXc Music auto-post:

Clicking the yellow Up will make the circle grow bigger, improving visibility of the song on the map.

We are happy to welcome all types of music from all over the world 🌏🌍🌎🕺💃

Please Note: I am NOT a robot, so I will answer any questions you have about our Hive app, the World of Music community, sharing your music, the workings of the universe, etc.