Curator Cat Contemplates: Community Loyalty and the “Cult of the Eternal Power-Up”


Greetings Feelines and Hoomans of Greater Hivelandia and Outlying Areas! Hope this Monday finds everyone healthy and happy... Bitcoin is back over $40,000! Well, at least it was, for a little bit...


I realize I might catch some negative feedback for even thinking this, but lately I've been contemplating this idea that many people in Hivelandia (including within individual communities like ProofOfBrain, LeoFinance, etc.) seem very attached to the idea that:

In order to be supportive of the community, you must be Powering Up… ALL. THE. TIME.

But is this always the most beneficial thing to do? Moreover, is it always the ”right” thing for every person to be doing all the time?


Personally speaking, I have never actually powered down...

However, I have done a variety of things with the 50% of my rewards that are paid in liquid form. What I want to point out is it even though I may not have powered up that 50% directly, I've often used it to invest in various projects that are still related to Hive.

For example, I've sold some of my liquid Hive/LEO/POB from time to time in order to invest in projects like UTOPIS, LBI, BRO and so on. Technically speaking, that does mean ”not powering up” but I'm still investing in the greater Hive infrastructure!

I also sold some of my liquid earnings in order to support the CUB DeFi project. Although that is not directly part of the Hive infrastructure it is still an outgrowth of it.


But What About Buying Cat Food?

Occasionally, I have taken out some liquid rewards (typically some fairly trivial amounts) because we simply needed the cash for something.

Should I feel like a "traiterous wretch" for doing so? I think not!

The point I want to make here though, is that some of us aren't in a financial position where we can just power up everything, all the time... but that doesn't necessarily mean that we (A) don't feel supportive of the community and (B) don't intend to be in it for the long haul.


Long Term Planning...

In fact, I'm starting to formulate ideas and projections about where I hope to be with this account in five years from now! For the moment, my goal is to reach 2,000HP (not far now!) but my goal is to reach 10,000HP by the end of 2025.

With that sort of plan, the fact that I am not powering up every last fraction of a Hive does NOT mean I don't support the community!

The way I see it, opportunities come and go. And whereas I am fully behind supporting a project in an ”overall” sort of sense, I don't think that precludes making the most of various opportunities when they do show up.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great remainder of your day!



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But What About Buying Cat Food?

Yeah, that's what I need to do sometimes, lol. I am "all in" with Hive, but like, the point, or one of the major points, anyway, is getting us all to a point where we can actually earn a living or build a retirement or whatever our goals are with our earnings, right? I want me and everyone else who struggles with the basics already to not have to struggle anymore. I want the folks who are building up their crypto nest egg for retirement to be able to do that some day. Etc. That means that there will be some cashing out, sometimes. We want the community to be healthy and strong enough that people can do that, after all.

I am this close to dolphinhood, and very happy about that. I'm definitely still building up my account, I just need to buy cat food sometimes. 😺


Yep, that pretty much says it, right there. We want to be able to succeed with our individual objectives, preferably in a way that benefits the entire community, as well.

Congrats on your near dolphinhood! That's awesome. My next milestone is 2,000HP, which is also not that far away.

Happy Caturday!