Free Writing: My Exciting Meal Had Turned To Be A Disappointment This Evening

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My "Lechon Kawali" Meal

pork pieces.jpg

Vinegar Dip
The Rice
vinegar dip.jpg

This is my supper for tonight, I was able to eat some food today because the food is very inviting and tasty. Unfortunately the skin wasn't so crispy and it hurted my already weak molars just to bite into them although the meat is okay.

But this is a very special food, everybody gets excited at the sight and smell of these fried pork belly pieces as your olfactory nerve senses a nice nutty and toasty food which makes you even so hungry. To make this you just needed to tenderize the pork belly by boiling it with some seasonings of your choice, normally some salt, MSG, and peppercorns, sometimes even with bay leaf.

Then you have to airdry the meat before frying twice until the pork skin gets crispy and not tough while maintaining the juiciness of the meat inside. It is that so simple, the secret is to tenderize the meat while making sure that it has the right saltiness before frying otherwise you will get a tough meat to eat without much of a taste because it is under-seasoned.

The vendor that sells this fried meat pieces either had a very strong jaw or they really do not know how to simply fry the meat especially the skin which was so very tough.

Halfway through my meal I decided that I really have to re-fry the dish so that I can enjoy the skin. My loving mother took the remaining pork pieces so she can fry them again.

Then she gave them back to me to let me finish them, I took one piece tried to chew and I disappointedly sensed the bitter taste and that had made me to stop eating anymore because there is no way I could eat it. Too bad that I want to eat more but I could not because it really was so unpleasant to the mouth plus unfortunately there are no more fruits to be had as well.

I guess that the remaining left-over meat pieces will just be incorporated for tomorrow's vegetable dish if my parents will cook some vegetables for that matter or they may just give it to our guard do "Sarah" which now doesn't know me as she barks on me when she sees me. Well I understand because I do not go out and I am not able to pet the dog.

Well anyway that concludes my short meal, some fried pork pieces, rice, and spicy-sweet vinegar dip and I actually had eaten only three pieces. The servings today is much fewer because of the cost of the meat plus the cost of onions are like gold today as well no wonder that my folks are not cooking much vegetables. So all are getting so expensive due to so many reasons but we have to cope with it as sometimes things are beyond our control.


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I hate when looking forward to something doesnt work out.

Yeah but at least I was able to eat @old-guy-photos.