Press Fueling The Fire Of Hatred

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No respect and an absolute disgrace. All lives matter and should never ever be questioned.

I wrote this post as I have a two year old grandson of mixed race so where does that leave him? Will he be safe walking down the street or be really caught in the middle in the future?

I do not like what I am seeing playing out in the United States and the UK right now. I am not political at all and just a normal human being who just want things to be open and honest. The leadership of their Police Forces is pathetic, being an outsider looking in it doesn't seem real yet it is. I don't think it is just the leaders of the Police Force however, but the mayors and political leaders of our regions as well. Snowflakes in power is not a recipe for success. How low does something have to go before it is fixed. Racism is being used to divide and conquer and people are scared to even raise the topic which is why racism will always be around.


I watched a video of rioters in London two days ago where the Police whilst confronting rioters sank to one knee. I get the idea of what they were trying to achieve, but it showed weakness when strength is required.These protesters are not protesting in peace and mustn't be confused with what we have seen in the past. Something bigger is at play and it is all about political instability.Most of the protesters are merely kids or youngsters and have been bought up with no discipline or proper parental guidance.

I understand the protests regarding the death of an innocent black man at the hands of a racist cop. This doesn't give the people the right though to go and cause mayhem where other innocent people are killed in the process. Two wrongs do not make a right. I have seen individuals beaten up for just walking in the street but no it wasn't just that, it was on skin colour. This is not going to fix things, but make things far worse.

There have been videos of people walking down the street and then being asked to go down on one knee. What is shocking is people are actually doing it and have no pride or self worth in themselves. If that happened to me I would be insulted and most likely severely injure the person asking me to do it. I think it is insulting and uncalled for and is taking this whole campaign way too far.

The movement for Black Lives Matter is racist in itself as every life should matter and not just black ones. I have said before I have lived on both sides of the fence with Apartheid and now Apartheid in reverse in South Africa and to be honest there is no difference. Both regimes work on hatred and no one can say there is no hatred. Anything that rules in favour of one race over another is racist.

I have been called a racist in the past yet I am far from it and I find it degrading,not humiliating when it happens. I know the person who raises it first is the racist as it should never happen and enter their minds if they weren't. If you are comfortable with yourself what have you got to be apologetic about?

The Police Forces around the world need to stay strong for everyone else's sake and I mean the leadership. It is as though everyone is scared of the press and social media as that is what the real weapon is right now. This has gone way too far and about time the military was called in and to take safety catches off. This is for the rioters and law breakers and not peaceful marchers. Warnings need to be released first and then there are no comebacks. Forget rubber bullets and tear gas as the safety of the people is more important than a few thousand trouble makers as they can just be added to the Covid-19 stats for all I care.

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Aaargh, Ijust lost my comment. Damn this site is playing funny buggers. But aye, the gist of it was that I agree, them troublemakers usually slot themselves into and take advantage of situations like these, grrr

I agree fully. Actifit will have to change to add things if this continues much longer. A casual walk will have to add how many kicks and punches were thrown along the route. Lets hope something drastic happens to fix this and no band aid crap.

Actually that sounds like something that could be a hit, Actipunch lol

yeah, i'm not a fan of the police kowtowing either. Force must be met with force and capitulating like this doesn't placate the mob, it just makes them move the goalposts. It is funny to me that elected officials are actually answering the call to defund the police force when those police forces are already evidently ineffective and keeping law and order.

I know some people that live in NYC, a place that I always found to be quite dirty anyway but now, everything is boarded up and it looks like a ghost town from the videos I have seen.

Funny you say that when I was in NYC I couldn't wait to leave as I felt it was filthy and over rated. I much preferred other cities I visited like Washington which had a much cleaner feel about it. I am glad that some of the public is fighting back and had enough. Did you see the clash with the veterans and Antifa at a rally 2 days ago? They smashed them literally and was good to see. What do they expect as most of the protesters are mummy's boys and school dropouts and are massive snow flakes.

I know you aren't talking about Trump here but I am going to interject him a bit because I feel as though he is brash and makes things difficult for himself with a lot of his social media antics. That being said, I completely agree with him that a vast majority of the media these days are "fake news" and they unfortunately have a grip on a large portion of the world. Yes they DO fan the flames of hatred and I sincerely hope that a lot of people can see that.

We have no journalism anymore - just a station with an agenda and they use the public to get that agenda to move.

This has been building for some time and the media are going to lose once people see how stupid they have been. It just goes to show how simple people really are or a large majority of them anyway.

i don't know what the trust (in the media) percentage is in SA but it is really really low in USA.

My nieces are mixed race and I too worry about the future they will have. You would have hoped that by this time in history life wouldn't be such a struggle for them. I am afraid it is going to be a cluster for a long time :(