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As many other countries are loosening the restrictions of whatever type of lock downs they had I can see us imminently going into a proper lock down. We had what I would describe as a fairly serious lock down for roughly 12 weeks compared to the rest of the world and things have got remarkably worse. Instead of getting better we are now escalating at fairly serious rates now and this was expected. There is a large HIV community here and we are talking millions of people who are in serious danger right now.

The figures don't lie with South Africa rapidly flying up the "medal table" and should comfortably be sitting in 14th spot by Monday evening.The hospitals are full and like the rest of the business community expecting the "freedom" we had for a few weeks to be ended abruptly this week. One poor patient was booked into hospital and tweeted the health minister as he had no food for 2 days and no blankets. He unfortunately died the following day so the great health care may not be the savior. Government hospitals in South Africa are not fun places as I have seen it first hand many times.

I am sure other parts of the world will also have another wave or two forcing lock downs so any travel is at your own risk now. We haven't come out from the first wave yet and I am now hearing of people I know in their own personal battles with Covid. When you start knowing people it kind of lets you know that it is close to home and you need to be more aware than ever.

Food that sums up the year so far slow churned rocky road ice cream.The year feels like a slow churn.

Last weekend an ignorant wife of an old work colleague invited her friend and daughter to spend the weekend. It turned out this week that the daughter had covid and now my mates daughter has also tested positive.His daughter is only young and I am sure she will be ok. There are no guarantees though as his whole office has to be now quarantined. Why he let his guard down and agreed for friends sleeping over is quite frankly just plain stupid. He is mid fifties and never looked that healthy at the best of times.

Another couple I know went to a party over the same weekend and the hosts unbeknown to them also tested positive. The impact is quite harsh as they both have been told not to come to work for 14 days. He is paid entirely on commission as it is a family business and now has no income. I learnt this morning that he has now tested positive so that is him screwed.

The sad part is where he stays as his mother and step dad are not the healthiest of people and should seriously have put them first before thinking about drinking with mates. What planet are these people living on thinking only about themselves. We have banned all visitors to the house until further notice to protect my grandson who had pneumonia when he was born. He is strong now but who knows as the risk is just too high to even take that chance.

I honestly believe that this whole thing has been made out worse than it really is as most of us are healthy, but many amongst us are not and we forget that. The year is truly screwed if this extreme lock down goes into effect this week or next week as businesses are already crippled. Another month or two will see many never recover and open their doors again. I think the reality is that many wont open again already as we have gone way longer than many originally thought.

I cannot see common sense with any government decisions as life should just continue with precautions. The majority of the population is in dire straits as the way they get to work will most likely infect them anyway. Cramming 16 people into a min bus taxi is not exactly social distancing. I can see why the government opened certain businesses like hair dressers last week as it is inevitable they will have to close them again.

This shitty year just keeps on giving and there are no wrong or right answers as no one knows what the solution is. I know I will be ok as I will look after my grand son the best I can and will do what is right by him. I believe everyone should be thinking along the same lines looking after the weaker loved ones around them and not being selfish thinking of just themselves.

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I'm repeating myself but this confirms it again, not that it was necessary. People think this is just something invented by the government and in those countries where people are used to bending and breaking rules all the time, this happens.
Look at the Scandinavian countries, there was no need for restrictions, they understood the recommendations and acted accordingly.

Things have started to loosen up here a bit, but I wouldn't be surprised if we head back into a lock down again. There are just too many people being careless.