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RE: Insanity at it's finest...and a new round of negotiations.

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All the witnesses are not powering down, I just checked a few and @gtg, @enginewitty, @steemspeak, & @pharesim are not. I agree most of them are, wow!


Many witnesses power down constantly, including myself, to cover costs for running witness servers. I'm at a monthly bill of almost 1000 USD nowadays for steem-related server costs, for example. But, at the moment I actually power-up my powerdowns as soon as they are paid out, for the case.

Note that I don't power down my full SP, but just a small portion, and Im sure more people are like that.

Good to know, thanks!!

Thanks @roelandp, I felt pretty sure that was what was going on, but nice to hear it directly.

It's not FREE to run a witness, folks...

Nope, I ain't going anywhere man. Pay for my witness out of pocket or with other earnings.

Nice to hear, that puts a better light on the situation.