Saving feelings

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In the midst of the unbridled madness you call love, I ran to look back in search of your love.
Without thinking of the consequences to your arms I ran, like thinking of not loving you if you make me happy.
The smiles on my face were already part of me, because thinking and looking at you made me laugh.
Although I didn't want to fall in love and move away from you, my heart didn't understand the reasons, and I wanted to get closer to you.
And although I opposed several times what my heart felt, I ended up running to your arms and to the love that was running away from it.

En medio de la locura desenfrenada que llaman amor, corrí sin mirar atrás en busca de tu amor.
Sin pensar en las consecuencias a tus brazos corrí, como pensar en no amarte si me haces feliz.
Las sonrisas en mi rostro ya era parte de mi, pues al pensarte y mirarte lograban hacerme reir.
Aunque no quería enamorarme y de ti alejarme, el corazón no entendía razones, y a ti quería acercarse.
Y aunque varias veces me opuse a lo que mi corazón sentía, termine corriendo a tus brazos y al amor que tanto le huía.


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