432hz Concert - Live Music Event of the Eagle and Condor United for Global Harmony

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This Sunday morning, the PALnet (Peace, Abundance, Liberty network) Discord server is hosting a FREE global concert event featuring two Hive musicians: @joseacabrerav and myself.

432hz Concert - Medicine Music

FREE Global Concert Event

Date / Time: Sunday, June 14th, 2020 at 9AM EST (New York)
Location: PALnet Discord Server in the "live-curation" channel


Early this Sunday, I have the honor of bringing medicine music to the world, alongside my friend and fellow song carrier José Cabrera. This collaborative event holds symbolic significance of global unity and harmony, as the two Americas join forces in alignment with the Eagle-Condor Prophecy. All songs will be performed in the 432hz music frequency, intending to deliver a powerful healing vibration.

All are invited to attend this live music concert. Anyone interested in attending the event will simply click on the above link for your official invitation, and you will quickly see the live-curation channel. See the following article for details about the event: This Sunday on Palnet Live Curations + 432hz Live Concert || with @josecabrera & @cabelindsay.

The concert will be hosted by @acurewa and @neyxirncn, while HIVE musicians perform, and visitors enjoy live curation by the PALnet team. The concert will begin at 1PM UTC / 6AM PST / 9AM EST, in order to accommodate participants across the world all at once. The channel will remain open throughout the day, allowing all time zones to join in and enjoy.

PALnet offers a 24/7 streaming broadcast, staffed by blockchain users. From what I see, this server is a community-building initiative that promotes connection and expression while favoring the virtues of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty, along with the Harmony that brings people together. This is the medicine of music.


The 432hz Healing Vibration

What is Special About the 432hz Sound Frequency?

In my experience, the 432hz tuning frequency is a highly resonant sound that emphasizes the healing potential and potency of medicine songs. A "medicine song" is a melody that is specifically designed for vibrational healing. This specific type of healing is a holistic natural medicine for the body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit. I see the medicine benefitting us individually and collectively through the Harmony, Love, Truth, and Justice that is upheld in this music.

See also Music Theory: 432 Hz Tuning - Separating Fact From Fiction by Ask.Audio.

The Eagle and the Condor Prophecy

What is the Significance and Relevance?


In my understanding, the "Eagle-Condor Prophecy" speaks of the higher calling to join forces to grow together. In one way of interpretation, this is about the sacred feminine being respected equally alongside the sacred masculine. In another way, this is about all nations embracing each other as one people, one family, one love—sisters and brothers. The symbol that speaks clearly to my heart is the meeting of the North American (Eagle) and South American (Condor) as a symbol for the union of all nations. Viva to the sacred birds of a feather!

See also The Eagle and The Condor Prophecy by Pachamama Alliance.


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So excited about this. Will promote as much as I can with @naturalmedicine. Xx

Awesome! Thank you, sister.

So beautiful post, i integrate more the meaning of 432hz concert with every vibration of hearth and earth i could experience, read this post fills me with joy

thank you for all this oportunity to happen!

Wonderful. Yes, I’m so grateful to you for advocating the 432hz frequency and sharing your firsthand information. You’re a good source of inspiration in my life, brother, and I’m thankful.

Spread that healing frequency!
Greetings :)

Hi, thank you. I’ll do my best to let the music do its magic.

Sounds good ;)

Beautifull post! That will be a spectacular day!!

Feels exciting! Yes, it’ll be a blast for sure. Thank you, Irene.

Such a wonderful event! I hope to catch some of it for it is a a bit of a weird time for me, although it says it will be open all day!

Yeah, in my time zone it starts in the early morning. I plan to be active in the first few hours, and then I’ll have to excuse myself (filming a wedding). But the show will continue all day, I’m told, so jump in whenever you’re able.

Ad the day comes when we're all thinking like one ❤️ Would love to be part of it.