#Toiletthursday my blog about special toilets on Thursday

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Its thursday, #toiletthursday. My tag for nice, ugly, dirty, architectural, fashionable toilets. We all go to the toilet and outside our home there are many that are cute enough or nice enough to blog about. The fact that we are in quarantine right nog doesn’t take us out to restaurants but this was before we went into lockdown.


This is in restaurant PIERRE in ofcourse ROTTERDAM.



David Copperfield makes all disappear !



It was clean and nice smelly and the soap and alcohol to desinfect were full.
So for me a nice one, to blog about.



What is your #toiletthursday ? Maybe you have a great toilet at home ! Show is of on Thursday!






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Blog Date : 25 January 2021


Maybe @slobberchops and me should upload some of the bogs we come across on our travels 😂

I have one or two but make a conscious effort to avoid them if possible... but you know.., there's all kinds of deviants about with alternative tastes.

Well please do there is a new community for t aswell now,
It's the LOOLOO community by @livinguktaiwan go join guys @slobberchops @grindle

Now we have a use for those specialist toilet shot's @grindle, that's if I have any... :).. you do know you are baiting me @brittandjosie 😄 !WINE

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Bring them on !!!!

Well please do there is a new community for t aswell now,
It's the LOOLOO community by @livinguktaiwan go join guys

I have
I love
I shall post

Hahahahaha that’s great !

Cheers 😂

I am always curious when visiting public toilet to see who's the manufacturer. And this is not surprising as for over 20 years I work in a company producing everything for the bathroom. It is a habit to look at the logo/brand name and instantly noticed on the push button of one of the images that this is one of our competitors. :-)

That would be a great blog tell all you are the expert and there is a new community the LOO LOO community so why bont blog there

Haha, loo loo community 🤣

You know, I've been seriously considering starting a toilets community, I think it would be so fun see all the toilets around the world

Spreading the word dear spreading the word and i love the idea and loo world

Ha ha, how about this painting outside the toilet from my favorite restaurant that I took a long time ago? I haven't been out to eat in a restaurant in probably a year and a half.

Darth .jpg

This could also be a great entry to the new community LOO LOO by @livinguktaiwan its so much fun to join

LOL! I'll go look!

This one seems clean and comfortable.
Yet I prefer not to use public toilets. They irritate me a lot

I must confess I never want to use a public restroom, i hate it but when you have to go you have to go ! So why not make a blog about it

Yeah for sure in the coming days I would make a blog about it.

Those are some mighty big jugs I’d love to Cop a feel

Show the nicest john there


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