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Having your birthday in covid times asks for new solutions to normal things. We already did this very many time’s ( 46 time’s to be exact ) and still one of the nicest days needed to be different today. My cake was send to me by my parents , made by a bakery especially for me with a picture from 40 ( my god that much ? Yes that much) years ago and in a flavour I love so much.

I had friends come over and be with me from the street. In pairs because we still aren’t allowed to be with more than 3 so the pairs could be with me and we would be with 3. Than they would leave a small gift and that way I saw all of them and my family and could talk to them live! Loved that. Gosh I miss being social. I even saw the pregnant belly from my sister in law.

I got flowers and a card. My family knows I am a bee on Hive now!

Covid birthdays can rock and I was spoiled with all these nice presents. And because it all was a surprise it’s been a fantaboulous day!

I had so many messages from all of you in DM, discord and the general chatrooms and I wanted to take a minute to say that was highly appreciated and a great way to spend the day. There was the cake blog by @theterminal, thank you @thekittygirl for doing that and I love the fruity cake, and the sweet sweet words. Here is that wonderful blog.

And two of our terminalers made me blogs aswell: and I highly appreciated them, want to read the blogs here are the links:

My COVID style 47th birthday was great being on the next one.

Thanks for stopping by, its appreciated and remember focus on being creative instead of being bee-zy.

Consistent Actions Create Consistent Results.

Not everyone is a blogger but everyone has something great to offer.

Lover of Life and L❤️ve in General - @brittandjosie

I am a proud member off the #theTerminal #powerhousecreatives #needleworkmonday and #payitforward and #steemitmamas. Co founder for @theterminal, @heyhaveyamet and @steem-aide

(c) All images and photographs, unless otherwise specified, are created and owned by me. @brittandjosie originals. Sources used : Pixabay and Pexels and with others its mentioned in my blog. I only use a canon camera and my iPhone.

I would like to thank you for reading my blog, feel free to leave me any feedback, if not, read you next time.


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Date : my birthday 7 May 2020

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Happy Happy birthday dear! <3 <3 <3

Thank you very much it’s been a lovely day and I had a great week because tomorrow it’s also

Seems like someone is really getting the reward she deserves. :) <3

In alle opzichten een dag om nooit te vergeten dus. Gefeliciteerd!

voor iemand die het haat om haar verjaardag te vieren was het echt tof, an voelde me echt jarig, en thanx voor je felicitaties waardeer ik echt,
fijn weekend

Happy Birthday Brit!! I did not know you were born on May too. hahahaha

may is the bst month , when is it your please fill in the birthday bot in the server and get you customized birtday blog surprise

A wonderful happy birthday indeed @brittandjosie. It's not how many people you have around you, it's the right people. You celebrated observing the social distancing guidelines. I applaud you for thinking of family and friends as you enjoy your day by keeping everyone safe.

Enjoy the rest of your day and your lovely gifts. The photo is precious and ill last a lifetime. Take care, and have a great rest of your week also.

i had a wonderful covid birthday, and for someone that normally hates birtdays thats a new hahaaha


what a great art piece is that you dancing or me round that cake hahahahah

HEHEHE He is dancing kid (Not You or Me), HE is Dancing because he KNOWS ITS CAKE PARTY :D

I am dancing into the weekend

I'm glad to see that it was good after all. My birthday comes soon aswell so I'm taking advices haha.

Big hugs!

vic we have a birthday bot in the server so please enter your birtday we will make you a present on your birthday

Yaaay! That's awesomeee haha

Did you fined the birtday bot ? In the server

Happy birthday @brittandjosie may Jehovah bless and protect you. You received many gifts, indicating that you are loved by family and friends. I'm glad that despite the quarantine you were able to have visitors to accompany you to celebrate.. Think it was just a different day. Have a good time.

this was a different but special day, i hope no more covid birthdays anymore

many many return of the day🍻🎂🎉🎈🎊

that is sure hope i want to be 120 years one day hahahahahah

Late Happy birthday! Glad to see that even during the lock down, you had a great time!

late happy birtdays are also great to get so thank you very much

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thank you thats highly appreciated

Happy birthday my dear.

philip long time steem hive friend thank you very much

Spijtig dat ik net die dag niet genoeg tijd heb gehad om in de chat te komen - een late maar toch welgemeende gelukkige verjaardag nog :)

late wish happy birthday 😊❤

Shuvo thank you and no problem, you said it now and i hihly appreciate it
Have a great weekend

I am so thrilled to hear that you had a wonderful birthday! You certainly deserve it! You do so much for others, and you are loved by many! 💖

Social distancing wasnt so bad after all, it was kinda cool. And i felt loved also by all the messages online. Heeeeee you got a new avatar NICE

Happy Birthday, luv! You deserve the best of everything! ❤️

I had the best day! I thank you for the lovely words

You deserve a super cool birthday Young Lady, and you got it, congrats! Now for 70 more!!! Hehehe!

Happy Birthday, girl :)

yeahhhh thank you i had a wonderful covid birthday

Many happy returns of the day...wish you see 2*46 more

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