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RE: Family Dinners and a Cuppa

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About the family. I know you have a big family and I'm glad you have such feelings for everyone else. The story of your Irish brother is really a movie scene. A meal with a large family is noisy but also very emotional.
My family is smaller. In Romania only our grandparents had 8-10 brothers and sisters, slowly, slowly it came to only one child per family, which led to smaller and smaller families.
We try to keep the tradition of the family gathering for Christmas and Easter, always a joy.


I have to say, I have always loved having a big family, but can also see the joys of having a small family too, for more individualized attention. While I never felt a lack of attention, it is easy to see how one child would get much more.

So there are tradeoffs all the way! I am glad you keep the traditions of the family gathering! Hi, Dan! @bluemoon

Hi, Denise, wish you a nice weekend!

You too, Dan!! @bluemoon