A Special Sunday

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Every day is unique in its own way, but this past Sunday was more than that. Even if such an expression is not possible. It is unique for each of us but, of course, for different reasons for each.

For me, it was a special day because I felt that spring is at its most intense, it has reached its peak. To explain this belief of mine. After cold and rainy days we finally have generous temperatures and friendly sun. This made nature explode, become opulent and fresh. I say that it has reached the top because I still believe, based on the experiences of the past years, that from now on spring will look more and more like summer. Rising temperatures that will follow will dry out the vegetation and warm the soil.

I try to enjoy as much as possible the current moment of true spring. For this, it is only necessary to observe carefully everything around me.

From my point of view, this year's spring has been, until now, the spring of dandelions!

Spring of Dandelions


It seems like there have never been so many dandelions, I don't think I was careless and I haven't seen them in years past. Or maybe I haven't been to the right place yet. This Sunday morning I visited some good friends who live in the country and have a huge yard. Heaven of dandelions and dogs!


My friends have a lot of dogs!


Dogs are masters everywhere but this year dandelions are dominant. Now, as I write, I realize why there are so many. Due to the rains, my friend could not mow the grass, for the benefit of dandelions that were not decapitated before flowering.



Like little suns in the grass, that's how these flowers shine.


Beautiful and sublime Sunday, beautiful and sublime Spring!


This Sunday started for us very early, immediately after midnight on Saturday. Once a year is the Feast of Easter, of course, and it happened tonight. It is considered the most important Christian holiday but not so important that it happens at the same time for Orthodox Christians and Catholics. Here I think it's a big problem. Going over this, because I can't do anything about it, I'll show you some pictures from this year's pandemic celebration. Last year there were many restrictions that led to great discontent among believers. This year the authorities were more permissive, especially as they expect the church to support the population's vaccination campaign.


Many people participate in these ceremonies. The condition set for the church to allow the organization of these events was to ensure compliance with protection measures against the virus. To some extent, they were respected, except that of social distancing.




All these people and many others wanted to enter the churchyard, which they did, after a few hours of waiting.



After a few hours, around 3 a.m. , I went to the house, crossing the small park.


Now I found that the park is more beautiful at night.



I introduced here the story of this ceremony because it's a special ceremony, which I have participated in over sixty times (years) so far. It's a tradition in my country as it's in all Christian countries in the world. Because these ceremonies can be different in different places, I tried to show a little of what it is like in Bucharest, Romania.


Another tradition is for families to gather together for this holiday. Well, there are even more Easter customs. A very tiring one is to do general cleaning in the house before Easter. This, together with the preparations for the family members' meeting and sometimes the meeting with the friends, makes the week before Easter very busy. I never liked this week.

But the reward comes on Easter Sunday when the family gathers at the table. For us, a small (but growing) presence, our niece Ilinca, makes the day special.


Such a presence attracts all the attention, always the smallest is the most important ... and the smallest feels this and behaves accordingly.



What should not be missing on this holiday are eggs. Colored eggs. Boiled and colored eggs. There are all kinds of food paints that can be used to color eggs in many colors, but my wife prefers an ecological paint, used in peasant households. Paint obtained by boiling dried onion leaves. Tradition requires that the eggs be painted red ... unfortunately, painted with onion peels they are kind of brown.


Such colorful eggs are a major attraction for children, which turn them into real toys. But this time, it's about something else. It is now a reissue of Sisyphus' work. I think you know Sisyphus' story...

The gods had condemned Sisyphus to constantly roll a rock to the top of a mountain, from where the stone fell carried by its own weight. They had rightly considered that there was no more severe punishment than futile and hopeless work.

Now Ilinca is doing the work of Sisyphus to move the egg but with a big difference. Ilinca stops this work when she wants!

Children, among their many qualities, have the fact that they get bored quickly. Ilinca's first meeting with Easter eggs ended quickly because of the call ... to the park. The park is Ilinca's great passion. Always ready to get there.


If she catches the gate open, nothing can stand between her and the much-desired park. It was a signal that the party was over.


This is how a very long Sunday ended, which started with the beginning of the Easter holiday. A #sublimesunday and #beautifulsunday. Thanks to @c0ff33a and @ace108!




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