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This is one of those times when I want to write but I get the inspiration for the title first...then I build the content itself. That title could mean two things, my today as in now...Monday. It could also mean today as in past or present which in this case is present. For sometime now, my days have been pretty much the same...going through the same routine everyday with just little changes. Some days better than the others but we still have to face it don't we? Sometimes I even feel like this world is not real or maybe I am having some sort of a dream that I need to wake up from....weird huh?

Talking about my today from the "present" perspective...if anyone had told me I'd be in this spot today I would not believe. Not because I am in a bad place at the moment but because I am not where I had envisaged I'd be by now. Funny how life works...there are just some things beyond our control. Call it unforseen circumstances or life hurdles, things just has a way of happening when you least expect and that goes for both good and bad things.

As short as the words are life is a complex think you understand then you get hit with a situation that takes you a double step back, if you are not careful. However, our experiences or journey have in one way or the other taught us how to face life head on. It has taught us to be ready to handle what life throws at us. This is one reason why I appreciate some experiences I have had in the past because if not for them, maybe I'd have given into pressures from friends and the expectations of people.

I would admit sometimes, I would ask myself "What if I had taken the other way? What if I made a different choice or decision at one crucial point in my life, would things be different or would I be in a different place? Would I be a different person? So many thoughts, so many questions but no answers.

Today may not be what I had envisaged but this "today" is what I reality. I may not be there yet but I thankful for how far I have come. I am not satisfied with where I am now but I am hopeful because there is a lot to achieve in time to come.

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I believe that seeing situations as opportunities can change the perception of many of them. Many bad things come into our lives bringing a good thing into the future

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