To find happiness is the toughest job in the human life.

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Love to pose for photography


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Rudragonj,West Bengal,IndiaNikon D5600Shot:1/400 sec. f/4.8 80 mm ISO:250 Dimensions:3512 x 3800

Life is really mysterious and unique.This old man is very poor.He lives under the poverty line.He leads his life doing job all the day in a brick making house.He gets very little wage.But he tries to find happiness in his life.To find happiness in life is the toughest job in the world.You can hurt a person very easily but make a person happy is really difficult task.Despite having thousands of problems in his life,he tried to give proper pose for photography.It is the hope for living.



Happiness is a matter of choice. It is within. Irrespective of your condition or financial situation, choose to be happy.

well said.thanks

Happiness is all around us, mainly we have to choose positivity over negativity and smile in every situation that called real happiness.
This old man teaching us, that money doesn't bring happiness.
Thanks for sharing so wonderful life lesson brother🙏

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