My lovely friend prepared me a delicacy// pounded yam and egusi soup

in GEMSlast month

Hello my lovely friends and family on hive


It was a lovely and also stressed free day for me.
If you visited my blog this afternoon, I made a post about how I was very hungry at work today before a food hawker came to my rescue.
That meal was a life saver 😄😄😄😄

I was not so surprised how my day was just about food, I guess it was because I had no serious work to do today.

After work today, I was on my way home when I made a quick decision to see my loving and caring friend before heading home, so I called her to know if she was at home and she answered girl you called at the right time, and i smiled knowing what she meant.

When I got to her house, a plate hip with pounded yam with egusi soup and dried fish was stirring at me.... I don't need to tell you how i felt because with the broad smile on my face you will be able to tell


Thanks for always viewing my post and for your upvotes as well as comments.😬😬😬😬