How I prepared my rice with our local seasoning

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Hello hiveians

Good day and a lovely afternoon from this end.

Having my lunch of rice prepared in a local way by adding locus beans one of our local seasoning in the western part of Nigeria.


Rice is mostly eaten in every home by every member of a household especially children, they love rice and can't do without skipping a week not having it.

I decide to prepare this for lunch today because its one of my fast and easy recipe.


  • fresh pepper

  • fresh tomatoes

  • onions

  • palm oil

  • locus beans

  • seasoning

  • rice



  • Blend the pepper and tomatoes



  • slice the onions

  • par boil the rice


cooking process

  • Place an empty pot on fire and add little amount of palm oil and allow to heat for some minutes

  • Add the onions

  • pour the blended pepper and tomatoes and allow to fry while stirring continuously

  • add the locus beans and other seasoning

  • add the par boiled rice and add little amount of water and allow to cook for about 20minutes.


That's it! my rice is ready with my locus beans aroma 😁😁😁😁

you can't have a taste of this an turn away from it.


actually Rice are the One of testy Food and weakness of Every 2nd Person

You are right @nabel-entreprise. Thanks for your comment.

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Now I feel like eating rice