Didyma - An ancient sanctuary

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I´ve already made a post about the Ancint Ruins of Miletus that we´ve visited during my time in turkey. Before that we´ve been to the Apollon Temple in Didim, formerly known under the name Didyma



Didyma was a ancient sanctuary in the west of anatolia. It was once connected by a sea route, to the city Miletus, 16 km away. The Temple of Apollo and the oracle of Apollo contained therein were particularly significant. In fact it was one of the most significant greek oracles next to Delphi, Dodona and Klaros



The temple was built in 330 BC. and stood on a total of 120 Ionic columns. Even today dozens of these column parts are scattered around the site.





The ruins as well as the surrounding olive trees are a good refuge for the tortoise, of which there are quite a few here, as already mentioned.



A frieze of tendrils, lion figures and Medusa heads formed the upper end above the architrave of the temple. Parts of that are all over that place, but not the head of one Medusa that is probably one of the best preserved ornaments.





Last but not least, the inside of the temple with the oracle in the middle, whose last great heyday was in the 1st and 2nd centuries.



But as with my last contributions to these ancient cities, there is so much information and assumptions that you can fill days with researching them. If you are interested take a look at wikipedia, the entry for this city offers a lot of information.

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Wow, look at all these structures, history really tells alot of stories, I mean look at all these ornaments.
Thanks for sharing

Thanks for your comment. It´s amazing to walk there and think of how old that place is. Time flies when you're visiting historical places like this one.

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thanks so much

What a fantastic place, @betterthanhome. It seems to breathe culture and history.

Thank you. Yes, in this area are a lot of historical places

The fantastic site of Didyma (means "twins" in Greek, pronounced "thethema" as in "the"). Thanks for sharing this outstanding historic beauty.

Thanks for that Information. Now I´m wondering what the meaning of twins was.

Probably due to the temples dedicated to twin gods Apollo and Artemis.