An Unforgettable Date

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I once went out with a friend and we agreed to have lunch. This friend is a lady. We were both kinda busy but we wanted to meet anyway. As the date came, I was prepared and freed my schedule from 10 am and beyond. She on the other end had things going on and informed me that she was going to be late. I said it was okay, I have all the time in the afternoon anyway.

So, I waited. Since it was a lunch date, I did not eat lunch because I was assuming we will dine together later. She finally said she was done with work and was on the way to the venue. I hurried to go to be there before she did. I was excited to eat to because I was famished.

When we got there and ready to order, she just told me she was on a diet and would just order churros. I was surprised because I have never really enjoyed churros before. It's just something I eat like a piece of candy or a dessert. Like I eat one piece and that's it. I asked her if she was sure that she didn't want anything else. She was sure. So, I agreed on churros.

I was really hungry but I thought it would be awkward to eat a heavy meal while she ate churros. I just ate churros with her and that's probably the day I ate the most number of churros I had in my life.

That date wasn't bad, it made me appreciate churros, I have actually came to love it. Also, I learned to eat a little when my date is late. Now, I sometimes buy churros and just enjoy it while I drive.

This quarantine days make me remember stuff that are fun to think about. This is one of those funny memories. Unforgettable.

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Who's that girl?