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Hi Hiveans,

when you are talking about the African food most especially from the southwest or let's say from the West itself we have a lot of food with different taste and delicious aroma among which we have some other grains food the grains food I mean the maize, the Millet, the Guinea corn and the rest which they will also pass to some certain grinding processes before it now become edible part of the food. But today I'm going to share with us the swallow food that can be eaten for lunch and dinner order some part of Africa and some other people consume it for breakfast.


This is called the egusi soup which is made from melon. what you do is after you plant the melon seed it start to germinate after that you say it coming out with flowers. Now that is the flowering stage of the melon plant then after it start to mature after the maturity you are best this was what I was told although I have seen melon fruit while growing up.



the melon is also garnish with the green vegetable not us in the Appetizer to the stomach. It is called this because it has a lot of advantages that it does to the body more also it has a lot of water contains so this means when you are preparing this kind of vegetable you had no water so as not to increase the water volume at the end of the food preparation.



You can use this kind of soup with any type of food such as Eba, Amala, Fufu and Pounded yam. Although you can also use it with combination with white rice.

But on this one I use it with Amala which is made from cassava flour or yam flour depending on the individual choices. It is very delicious when Cook also.



Thanks For Reading And For Coming Through For Me.

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