Love The Clouds' Contest #69 - Sunset Drama

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Next week of "Love the Clouds" contest and we are going to a stunning dramatic sunset at the aquatory of the Port of Klaipeda. Summer time and it happens after hot day closer to sunsets comes really dramatic rain front to pass in couple hours. The first line is always perfectly dramatic

Shot from board of big bulker vessel under discharging operation, so the perspective is quite unusual. Not to forget very very wide angle a bit deforming the picture at corners, but bringing the ability to catch a lot of scenery in one frame

Post production and color grading in LR+PS

Enjoy the scenery!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

CameraCanon 5D Mark II / Sigma 12-24mm / Natural Light

From now on You can buy my works in hi-resolution digital format for ETH/USD


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Thanks a lot!

This picture is wonderful.
I hope you will get the high upvotes.

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very good post