The Kingdom of Splinterlands - Weekly update

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1 Daily quest and overall position

Last season's quest appeared to be Dragon one, while two previous were Fire, my non-favorite one, and it caused the situation when I have appeared to bee too far from Champion leagues still at the last day. And last quest appeared to be quite a disaster, when I got even 7 losses streak (which really happens very rare lately). So at the point of when quest was finally passed, it was late night and no any wish to spend another hour in those attempts to reach Champions III.
So, the season finished in Diamond I with 3472 points only.

No luck this time, lets hope for good in a new season


A lot of stupid losses actually, but still couple nice wins, like the one below against quite a stronger Fire team


2 Season rewards

Well, here we come to a positive part. Finally after few seasons of very low rewards, Miss Fortune turned face to me with a Gold Foild Legendary


Sounds more like a miracle, but happened and total rewards turned out to be: Cards Total Value: $ 49.936 / Cards Burn Value: 75,656.71 DEC (plus couple hundred DEC)


3 Cards leveled up

As per practice I'm trying to chose next useful card worth to be leveled up. And doing it one by one normally (as soon as additional DEC earned or some cards being sold), unless some good offer on the Market (while always using @monstermarket receiving some decent cash back

Browsing the market couple days ago caught not a bad price finally for a 3rd (10BCX) level CORAL WRAITH. For quite a long was monitoring this card with very nice Magic Sneak ability. Could help a lot against opponents Lord Arianthus or any other magic reflecting tank


The question is if it is really worth to level up this card to 4 with a lower Life, but additional Rust ability. Since obviously when using water with heavy Magic attack only, reducing opponents armor doesn't really helps much. Will see, will test the card first at present 3rd level then

4 The Guild of NEOXIAN

Finishing season No.15, so much lower than last time

Guild status (on last day of the season): Guild Hall - Maxed / Quest Lodge - Maxed

That's all so far and hope you have enjoyed!

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