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Once again, big greetings to all! Thank you for your attention and reading previous articles about Nikola Tesla as well as the lightworkers and the great reset. It gave me a lot of motivation to keep working even better. Today I will write about our organism as well as the power it possesses. Often we are all limited and given a little freedom for some other interpretation of things in and around us. It is time to open our minds and let go of some other truth as well as some other choice.


Our body and internal organs work in a relationship of cooperation or exchange between cells. It is one big workshop, where billions of other stations work together to transmit informations, electrical impulses and ultimately give us the physical shape we have. Also, we as individuals are also one cell that makes relationships with other people or cells with which we exchange energy. Our cells are copies of our totality, from our behavior, our feelings, to our character. Just as we relate to ourselves and others, so do our cells relate to each other and create one whole, and that is us. The relationship between parents at the time of conception and our relationship with parents is also affected by the energy pattern of our cells. The way we treat a love partner or other people, such an energy model will take over our cells and affect us. We all possess the field of universal intelligence and it is filtered through our electromagnetic field. Our energy bodies have their own frequency and our mental and emotional energies are stored in them. Whatever our energy bodies record, our cells will align with that frequency and this is manifested in the physical body. Our physical body has a copy in the energy, etheric body and also all our organs. Before the creation of the physical body, through conception, the energy matrix is ​​projected. This matrix is ​​taken from all the emotional and psychological states of our parents, from anger, fears to lack of love and all this contributes to the creation of a network of light into which the physical body later enters. Before our physical creation, we are light, mental, and emotional beings.


It often happens that children at an early age show the anger they picked up from their parents, that is, from their previous relationship. We can say that we all got what we could not influence. What we can do is get out of the unconscious state after birth and get rid of the imposed bonds that we also automatically get with birth. Children accept the different religions and divisions that are imposed on them and we need to work on our beliefs and knowledge in later years, and all this will certainly encounter a strong sense of guilt that the established system imposes on us. When we look at all this, we can understand how much pressure there is on our energy double. The system imposes many obligations on us, from the fact that we have to be diligent, exemplary, obedient to the fact that we have to get married. If we fail to achieve all this, we become rejected from society and even the family because we do not have the same values. Someone told us that we are not worth it, that we are not worthy of love, and we often believe that in the beginning. Life then comes down to restricting the abolition of complete freedom because we are in some way forced to be part of the system.


This was the first part on this topic, follow me if you like the content. In two days the second part arrives so stay tuned. Man is one complex being and it takes time to break down all the illusions in which we have lived. This is the moment when a person wakes up and realizes the bigger picture of his existence and everything that affects life.



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