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Hello Hivers! As I believe you know, last time I wrote about the power that our body has and that is self-healing. If you haven't read, here you can do it and come back to today's second part on that topic. Most people do not realize how powerful they are. The whole system in which we still live limits us in every way, even to the fact that we are bodies full of some organisms and that is where it all ends. Yet, as we know, we are much more than that.


For most people, life is full of some restrictive rules and laws, while no one tells us that we all have the right to complete freedom. Also, love is something that must be earned. If someone doesn't confirm to us that we are worth it and if we don't get love from them, the only option is self-destruction. If the perception of things is like that, then we can ask ourselves what is wrong with our astral body that sends us such messages. What happened with astral body? What frequencies did the astral body fall into and send us such unpleasant information and wrong things? Instead of feeding us with the joy of life, light body bombards us with some bad things.

There are a large number of universal truths that we blindly believe in and that we rarely question. That life is based on attachment and not on the freedom that essentially belongs to us all. We unconsciously choose the disease of attachment to negative beliefs. When we become ill, we only see that we have turned our beliefs into physical reality. Then we realize that this work is our creation and that it arose from our non-love. Then we become aware of our enormous creative power that we have. Then, we finally understand that love creates much more beautiful deeds as well as a more beautiful reality. We have the ability to choose as well as the power to influence it. What is written in the astral body we actually extract into our physical body. Thus, the universe led us to change our beliefs and choose freedom. Everything starts from the light body where there are psychological, mental and emotional signals. In the modern world, the world of materialism, our light body often looks like a garbage dump. Then we can ask ourselves, what will our physical body pull than a pile of poison? Heart problems are disorders of blocked emotions, tumors are a consequence of collecting the inability to let go. By informing what the tumor looks like, we can understand and see the energy matrix that commands our body to collect and retain. Every part of our body, that is, its health condition, has a mental equivalent, which is often a matrix of negative memories and beliefs. Therefore, we can freely say that pharmaceutical drugs cannot cure the disease. Our antibodies are our real shield and they get their command from the energy matrices. Only when we act on our astral counterpart do the antibodies begin to behave differently. If our light body commands the cells to act with love, we will regenerate and rejuvenate ourselves. Every illness stems from a lack of love. When we say healing, be sure that nature is the one that will help you the most. Plants have an innate command of love and health in relation to the pharmaceutical industry and drugs that have a completely different energy matrix.


This would be the end of this topic. Remember, only a free medicine is the right medicine! Work on yourself and spread joy and love. It’s the right way to stay healthy and away from disease. I wish you a nice day!