Listen Mahin talking in a funny way.

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Remember Mahin? My younger cousin. I went to their place someday before and while all of us in the house were talking, suddenly we noticed Mahin was talking but he has some pronunciation problem on some words. And we've really found it funny on some words while he was speaking. Then his mother asked him to narrate a poet and I started recording it so that he'll be able to listen to him in this way when he'll be grown up and I like to do such things. At first, he finished the big poetry with some unknown but seemed known words. Then I started asking him to say some words where I tried to understand what he was lacking actually. And I've found out that he can't pronounce some letters and that's why he was talking like that. I hope and pray that it'll be sorted out in time.

Watch the video to listen to him talking in a funny way.

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Susi dar life ta khub sundor. amra ja chada asachi r amra ai jibone r pira pabo na.sisob akhon amader kache atiat. valo laglo apnar vedio. thanks

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Mahin is very cute boy..🥰