A Regular Office Day in Between Six Minutes.

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I hope you're having a great day.

Welcome back to another vlog in @threespeak where you'll be able to see one of my office days in between five minutes.


It was a common office day when I went to the office in the early morning and then got the day off after lunch and we got a ride from the office. Then I went to the market to buy something and then entered my place after I bought that. I've shown one of my whole office days in between six minutes.

"The End"

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ei bestotomo sohore office jaoa ektu kostokor bolei mone hoy. Bz dhaka te to sob somoy road e jam legei thake. Tai jnno somoy nie ber hote

Amr ei video te kono jam e khuje paben na asha kori.
but dhaka city er kotha alada.
Thanks for the feedback.

G seta ami video teo dekheci j apni jam cara faka rastay khub easily jete paren office er kaje.. Ami amr comment dara Punctuality kotha boleci j office jete hole ektu time nie obossoi ber hon karon bola jay na kkn ki hoy ei r ki🤔

haaa seta ami bujhte parsi apni ki bujhiyechen r haa time niye to ber hotei hoy.
emnitei ami sobsomoy late chilam and amar jonno in time porjonto change kora hoisilo.

হুম কপালরে ভাই, একেই বলে কপাল। ফাঁকা সড়কের মাঝে রিক্সায় আহা কি আনন্দ!
আর আমরা শহরের সড়কের উপর ঘন্টার পর ঘন্টা বসে কাটিয়ে দেই জ্যাম এর কল্যানে!

Aha kotodin shohorer jam e gohntar por ghonta ghumiye birokto hoi na ;)
kopal valo vai akdom cityr moddhe thaki na.

ha ha ha ha ha vai ami invite korlam chole ashen kal friday ase :P