The taste of Halim | I got an invitation for it.

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I got an invitation to my uncle @sajibibon84's place for special food which is Halim. Halim is a mixture of lentils, meat, and some masala. We (I and my wife) were on our rooftop and we've seen uncle and his sons on their rooftop and I've seen them from our rooftop. We could see them from our rooftop but they seemed smaller as the distance is kinda big. Then I called my uncle over the phone and he invited us over to his place saying they're going to prepare Halim.

For corona, we almost stopped eating such famous food from outdoor so we didn't want to miss the chance and we went to the place at once. Then I started recording almost the whole process and I got a special dish to taste and give a review on it. It was so tasty.

Watch the video to know more.

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It's a very tasty food!!
and I also like Halim a lot😋