T-shirts made of Plastic

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Never in my life have I thought that wearing T-shirts made of Plastic would be cool or I would even think about it. But now that it's become a reality I am really digging these new T-shirts. Xiaomi has recently launched their T-shirts which are made out of Plastic and Non Renewable plastic if I may add. In my opinion is pretty awesome as you can use the plastic that is nonrenewable which is harmful to the environment and create something that we can use further in our life. Now there are also a few doubts in my mind that I will like to convey as well.


First of all, Xiaomi is marketing this product as T-shirts made of Plastic but what is the actual percentage of plastic in it or the entire thing is of plastic and many other points that are not being cleared right now. So my worry is that is Xiaomi just playing marketing tactics to tap into the Environment-Conscious people.

My second point why I am a little doubtful is the fact that this is all circumstantial as Xiaomi is the one giving us the information and we still don't know if there is truly a factory that is doing this or not so as of right now can't trust that completely.

Other than these two points I am all up for buying my new T-shirts made of Plastic as I am very much interested in this and would really love this to take off.


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