Chole Bature for Breakfast

in GEMS8 months ago


Today I took the day off from work so I had all the time in the world to make my own food for the day. So for Breakfast, I decided to have some good old Chole Bature, truth be told this is more like Poori and Sabji but I did pack in the Chole Masala spices in them so the taste was quite similar to that of Chole Bature.
Chole Bature is a kind of famous dish to have as Breakfast and can be available in several food joints all across India. Although this is not one of the healthiest meals on top of that it does have some awesome flavors to it. Plus if someones to make a healthier version of it they can very easily do so. One thing that I was really missing on this plate was some Chilli Pickle which I had in my Room but I completely forgot about that and only realized it after finishing my breakfast. So yeah that's a bummer for sure. But regardless of that, I did have a pretty decent meal as my breakfast and I am happy about that.



Looks like great breakfast :)