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I really love photography and one of the scene that I love capturing is the setting of the sun. I really love watching the sun goes down and emit different colors as it hides afar. The color of the sky changes every minute as time passes by.

My admiration for the beauty of the sunset grows. I have collected many photographs of sunset in many different views and places like in the open field, in the middle of the sea, in the sea front etc. Even while I was stuck on a traffic jam in the middle of the street. Whenever I have a chance I will take a shot using my mobile phone or my DSLR camera.

When I travel it is fun to take pictures of the sun. It makes me excited all the time. The silhouette effect in objects makes it more beautiful. How it appears on every photograph is a challenge for every photography enthusiast. I always make sure to have it captured on a jpeg and raw file. I use raw file to edit my pictures. It is better to edit in a raw images because you can experiment colors.

With the increase of mobile phones with good camera, taking the sunset is much easier. There are also mobile applications to easily edit your pictures. Video of the sunset can easily be done also. It will all depends on the catcher how he wants his video or photograph appears.

I remember when I enrolled in a free photography class way back 1990s. One of the photo projects that we had was sunset photography and I was too eager to shoot the first time. I forgot to put my film on my first try. So I don't have a film to develop and no pictures to print. I went the next day and it was perfect. However I lost all those printed pictures when we transferred from one house to another. I can't locate them anymore. Now that it's digital photography I can now save my works on different storage that I have.

What pictures I will be posting here are some of my low resolution sunset pictures for you to see. I made a gif format for you to see some of those shots. I hope you'll like my sunset photos. It's not exceptional but I think it's nice.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


img src: Oppo A3s and Nikon D3100


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Kuyaaaa Ang ganda promise!

Salamat po sa pag-appreciate. It will push me to make my blogs better.

My gosh it’s so beautiful. The last pic stands the most. ☀️

Inilagay po talaga sa huli yon. Salaamt sa pagdalaw nyo.

Sayang talaga hindi malaki yung pic. Sana yung full size po ang ganda kasi. ☺️

Ayan po pinalaki ko na po para sa'yo. Salamat po!

Thank you po! Ganda nga talaga pag full size ang pics. Di pa ako nakapag capture ng ganyan need to practice pa. Super nice. 😊

What a beautiful Sunset.

Salamat bro

Ang galing ako din hanga sobra sa nature, ang gandang tanawin at para sa mga photographers ito ang fave shot...

magandang tyempo ang kailngan para sa sunset shots

How how de carabao ginawa yang papalit palit?

May mga gif maker po app para magpalipalit yung picture.

So niceeeee... tapos maganda magtake ng mga silhouette photos, ganern. Kakamis sa Bicol maraming ganyan po ❤🥰❤

Opo maganda nga sa Bicol kumuha ng mga shot. yun iba po jan kuha ko po sa misibis bay sa legaspi.

Wow, talaga po? Taga Bicol po ba kayo?

Hindi po... Pinadala kami ng company doon para sa isang seminar. Nung 2015 pa yun.

Ay, kala ko uragon ka rin po hehehehehe. Pasyal po ulit kayo dun. Wag lang sa time na pumuputok ang bulkan hehehehehe.

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