The Story of Kumison - Chapter 2 - My journey to Elite ExoHighSchool, Will my QL be higher than 2? (Fiction, referencing art and terms from the Exode game)

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Hello Hive Community

So Today's post is a bit different from my usual posts. If you have been following some of my posts, you would have heard of the Hive Blockchain game Exode - a space colonization game.

The Discord channel is also relatively active at the moment - hence I have decide to start a 'madeup' creative story using the starter cards as the characters of the story. Please note that none of this is related directly to the story of the game Exode. The Story will make use of terms from the game itself. It is mainly for entertainment purposes. All of this is just made up. The names are also made up and do not refer to a specific person, purely for entertainment.

Source: All images here are from, @Elindos and the Artists

The decision to start a creative story was inspired by @jacobpeacock, @Elindos and @balticbadger.

There are also memes/custom emojis used in this post, and those are created by @jacobpeacock

So here is the long awaited Chapter 2, Sorry for the 1 Month Hiatus... writing a story is more challenging than I thought.

If you have not read Chapter 1, here is the link

Brief Summary of Chapter 1:
Kumison is the main character of the story, he comes from a poor family, and both his parents are QL3 (Commoners). That is why he has been studying very hard so he can bring honour to his family. Today, he is attending his first day at Elite Exohighschool, where his QL is tested. He is heading over to the Elite Exohighschool now. Only 10 commoners are chosen each year so Kumison is quite lucky to be chosen

Quick Refresher of QL (Quality Level):

The QL system works in the following hyperspeed way. (QL Score: Class)
QL 1: Space Buffoon. (What the Hyperdrive is that!)
QL 2-3 : commoners.
QL 3-5 : rare.
QL 6-7 : epic
QL 8 : epic with hyper ability
QL 9-10 : legendaries

In essence his initial QL needs to be above 2.
Now it is time for Chapter 2

The Story of Kumison - Chapter 2:

My journey to Elite ExoHighSchool - Will my QL be higher than 2?


Kumison is on this way to Elite Exohighschool. The streets are extremely busy and noisy from the hooting sounds of Buses, children shouting and neighbors exoshouting across the sheet. However, Kumison is used to this already. He makes his way to the ExoBus Station.

In Exoplanet, citizens of different QLs are permitted to use different forms of transport. For citizens who do not have a QL yet, it will be based on your Parent's QL.

The QL system and transport permitted work in the following hyperdrive way.
(QL Score: Class - transport permitted)
QL 1 or lower: No Transport permitted, you walk on feet
QL 2-3 : commoners - You can take the ExoBus (Low quality Bus)
QL 3-5 : rare - You can take the ExoMetro
QL 6-7 : epic - You can take the Space Ship
QL 8 : epic with hyper ability - Anything
QL 9-10 : legendaries - Anything

My Parents are QL 3 (Common), so I am permitted to take the ExoBus, However, there are only a limited amount of ExoBus available. Therefore, I had to leave extra early as there is often a massive queue for the ExoBuses. So I decided to go to the Station 3 hours earlier, because if I am late, there is no hyperdrive way that the highschool will let me in.

As expected, there is a massive hyperdrive queue of people waiting to take the Exobus. Luckily, I planned addition time. An ExoBus approaches, the Driver come down:


"ExoHurry up, dont have the hyperdrive whole day! If your QL is less than 2 the please leave with hyperspeed now, I dont have time for games." commands the ExoBus driver.

Each person is scanned by the ExoBus before they board the bus. It is an offence to board the ExoBus if your QL (or your parent's QL is less than 2). If you are Exolucky you get a warning, worst case you could be sent to the ExoPrison.

The Exobus did not have enough space for everyone. I waited for around an hour and finally the queue began to shorten. It was finally time to get on the Exobus. The ExoBus had very small seats and the quality of the seats were ExoBad. However, they were still much Exobetter than standing, because the trip is expected to take several hours. So I took a seat. The Bus began to fill up and I realised that there were a elderly married couple who also entered but all the seats were taken. I felt ExoBad, so I gave them my seat. However, the elderly man still had no seat. I was looking around, however most of the other passengers were either pretending to be sleeping or busy on their ExoPhone.

I went over to a relatively young passanger and asked "Exorry, do you mind giving him your seat?"

The man did not look at me and said "Mind your own hyperdrive business, I am busy" and puts on his ExoEarphones. So I tried looking for another person.

Suddenly, a girl wearing the same uniform as me stands up and offers her seat to the elderly man.


I was about to go and thank her, but she has already moved to the other side of bus, close to the exit.

Several Hours have passed...


I was more exonervous as we got closer, however because I was standing for so hyperdrive long, the pain in my legs distracted some of my exonervousness. A short while later, the ExoBuss stopped at the City Station.

There are no more ExoBus to Elite Exohighschool. From now on, I had to walk quite a long distance to the entrance, which is quite ExoBad because I have been standing for so long already. When I stepped out of the Bus, a gust of Hyper cold wind blew into my face.

"What the Hyperdrive!" I shouted!


The weather in the City is much more freezing than my home town. It is also my first time in this City. So I did not brain-wired expect it. It was ExoSnowing all around. Now it makes Hyperdrive sense why so many passengers were dressed very warmly.

I started walking towards Elite Exohighschool using the GPS on my ExoPhone. As I was checking my position, I noticed the girl from earlier (with the same school uniform) quite far ahead already and walking very fast. She must be one of the 10 chosen commoners to attend Elite Exohighschool. I was curious to know who she is, as we could probably help each other out in Highschool. I tried to catch up, but our distance simply widened over time and she has already disappeared in the distance before I knew it.


After walking for some time, I started noticing a massive sky scrapper in front of me.
"It must be the Elite Highschool" I thought to myself. The place was massive and I was ExoSpeechless.

"Oh no! I can't waste any more time" I thought to myself and I started making my way to the entrance. There were a few security guards stationed at the entrance, and there was a queue of people (Probably other students).


Security Guards are QL 2

I joined the queue, and the person in front me was dressed very warmly and even a commoner like me can tell that the clothing is of high quality and quite expensive. The person turned around and was shocked to see me.


She rolled her eyes and muttered to her friends "Can't Exobelieve we have to go to the same school as those people". I understood the reality of status on ExoPlanet, so I just pretended that I did not hear it.

The process of entering the premises seems quite simple, the students shows the Security Guards their Access Pass on their ExoPhone and the Security Guards just scans it and let them pass. It was finally my turn.

I showed the Security Guard my Access Pass, and he scanned it. Green light, seems that everything is alright.

"Wait by the side!" commanded the Security Guard. He then calls someone.


"Sir, Is there a problem?" I asked politely and surprised.

The security Guard, just wait by the side and don't block the other students.

I walked to the side, and the students behind me were able to just pass through without any issues.

Suddenly a figure walks towards me...


This is a Captain. He Works in the Science department and his status is slightly above the Security Guards. Referring to your superiors as Captain is the norm in ExoPlanet. However, it is also customary to refer to your fellow as Captain.

"Do you even Exode?" He asks with a condescending tone.

"Yes Captain" I answered weakly.

"Lets see here... Kumison...Parents are QL 3 Common, can't believe that you were actually chosen, must have been an error... let us check your belongings" He commands.

"But Captain, why are you only checking mine?" I questioned.

He grabbed my case and opened it up. His eyes startled... "A Booster... Surely this is not yours... I have to confiscate this..."

There was no ExoWay that I could let them take my lucky booster, so I grabbed onto the booster. The Captain was surprised and demanded "Let go you trash!" and threw a punch.

The punch connected to my face. It hurts a lot but I know I had to protect my Lucky Booster. I kneeled down, head to the floor, holding the Lucky Booster in my chest and pleaded that they let me keep the Lucky Booster.

The Security Guard and the Captain started ExoKicking me. However, I will not give it up. The students behind me just laughed at my struggle.

"You are really seeking Death..." Shouted the Captain. "Hand over that Booster you trash!".

"Let him go." It was a female's voice.

"Who is it?" I wondered, I looked up.


"Its her, that student on the bus, also one of the randomly chosen ones to attend the school" I thought to myself

"Oh, and I ExoWondered who it was. Turns out it is another trash..." The Captain laughed.


The female student stared at the Captain. The Captain felt a chill down his spine. The Security Guard hurriedly went and whispered something in the Captain's ear. The Captain was shocked "What...Why didn't you tell me..."

The female student then said "I am in a hurry, let me through".

"yes, right away..." The security guard scans her Access Path and registers her name.

The female student then threw 2 boosters at them "If you want boosters so much, just take it, and let that person in" She pointed at me.

The Captain was a bit reluctant, picks up the 2 boosters and says " Sure... that is very generous of you"

"Its Nothing, I got it when I bought a pack from Exode using someone's referral code" She Said.

"What the Hyper drive is she talking about?" I thought to myself and walked through the entrance.

The Captain stared at me with anger but he could not do anything. He muttered "Those Trash, if only she wasn't ..."

I didn't hear what he said because the wind was strong. "Tha.." I said whilst holding on the booster in my chest.

"Please dont speak to me ... I only did that because you were blocking the entrance." She said coldly.

I could sense that she wanted to maintain a distance, but I was still thankful. Interestly enough even though the place was snowing and the wind was strong, I did not really feel cold. I felt a sudden warmth from the booster, also a faint purple glow... could be just my imagination...


To Be Continued...

If you have read up to here, you are a LEGEND.
Please excuse the poor story telling, I am not a writer, I am just writing for fun.

For those who do not know what Exode is:

EXODE is a new space colonization game powered by the HIVE blockchain.

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Credits to @jacobpeacock for coming up with the phrase "What the Hyperdrive!" and other terms


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