I Hate When My Energy Is Wasted Too Much

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I'm not always in a good mood to do things. Sometimes all day long I can do everything in bed! Sounds bad, right?

It happened because the previous day I created too much cooking content and piled them on my phone.

Then I edited the photos the next day in bed.

But this is precisely what makes me hate myself. I'm still bad at time management. Or, maybe I'm too hard on myself?

Enough Sleep, Not Excessive Sleep

My energy was wasted a lot when I decided to go to sleep. Sometimes I sleep too much than usual when I'm tired of creating content.

But I feel why I have to go to bed too soon.

I try my best to go to sleep when all my work is done. But unfortunately, as a content creator, that job will never get done.

Food photography activity

To avoid wasting my energy too much, I try to avoid sleeping too much in my opinion. I never sleep 8 hours, except when I'm having a "my woman" day. When the “my woman” period comes, I can spend a day in bed with excruciating pain and a messy mood.

Enough sleep and better quality than excessive sleep but not quality.

I feel that I sleep better in less time than when I go to bed too early. The bad thing is that sometimes I don't use it to sleep.

So I'm still trying to make everything more scheduled. I feel that my energy is better spent doing things that haven't been done the previous day.

When I felt tired, I decided to go to sleep. Oh that tastes so good! And it's not wasted. Timing is effective, although I could say I went to bed late around 12am or until 1am.

Avoid staying up late

Making Content.jpg

I am pursuing a healthier work pattern. As a full time content creator, it doesn't mean I can often overwork and stay up late.

In the past year I was like that, but now I don't want to be like that anymore. It's like just wasting my positive energy but not being used to its full potential.

Indeed, working at night to write is very enjoyable and fluent in terms of ideas. But I realized it's bad for health.

If I want to take things related to ideas at night, I usually go to bed earlier a few hours then wake up again at night, to worship then do some unfinished work for a while, then sleep again.

So I don't allow my body to work continuously without resting.


I do hate that a lot of energy is wasted too much. But I also hate it when I work too much. I need a more balanced life and it's not easy. This year I must be able to learn to balance my life.

I look like a person who likes to work, lol. And I have to invest my time in other things like gardening. I wish I had more time to garden with my mother.

How about you? Do you currently have a balanced work and leisure time? Or are you still working on it?

Stay in Balance Life.jpg


It's a myth that you have to be constantly spending most of your time working to get the best results. The 8 hour work schedule is spent with the first 4 hours being at your most efficient and the next 4 hours correcting mistakes done on the first 4 hours. We aren't built to keep 8 hour working schedule because each person's productivity is affected by time, interest and nature of their work.

It's good that you are conscious about how time affects your efficiency overall. Most people don't have that sense and just stay busy without doing any work done. I mean this in several layers of missed opportunities. You can come up with the best blogs and pitch in a lot of ideas but there's a limited amount of time you can spend writing them down and fine tuning the content. You just end up being unfocused and most ideas are left unwritten and your time gets wasted.

Take it one step at a time works for me. I learned not to shell out posts or obligate myself to make posts daily because I end up being inefficient with other matters unrelated to Hive and even those parts give me money. Just dropping occasional quality posts is enough and I found it more productive than doing posts daily.

We do have a certain hour limit for the effectiveness of our work. The rest, we use for other activities related to our relationship to other humans.

For me, any other time before work includes work. Because during these times we actually process a lot of ideas to make our work later. But this is certainly different from workers in the non-creative industry.

That's why we can use post scheduling. I usually schedule my posts. So it seems I post every day, even though I schedule them.

Because at one time my mind can work well and sometimes the rest is not. :)

Terima kasih atas informasinya.... Sukses selalu dan selamat tahun baru.

Sukses selalu juga untuk kamu ya. Salam

I could easily stay in bed all day 🤣 just because I'm lazy!
Have some !wine with your excellent food post as always...

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I'm lazy too, but then I wake up when I thinking about my financial lol

Im still working on it too and try to make a fix schedule for everything so no time wasted. For example, in the last few days i wk up early to write. Usually i wake up around 12 😂😂😂
Its baby steps sister, we will make it through ❤

the important thing, now I have better sleep time sis

You have to wake up earlier.

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