Hive Power Up Day - Giving a Little Boost to my Account [ENG] | [ESP]

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I didn't know about this initiative until yesterday, and I'm not even sure this will be a valid entry for some of the ongoing contests 😅. But it I was going to power up anyway, so it doesn't matter.

Recién hasta el día de ayer me enteré de esta iniciativa, y no estoy seguro siquiera si esta será una entrada valida para alguno de los concursos. Pero estaba planeando hacer power up de todas formas, así que no importa.

Awesome gif by @doze. You can check more of his work on his blog here

Two days ago I made a post about getting back to the content creation, where I talk about my journey in cryptocurrency and my first steeps as a content creator in steem, and all the cool things I have been a part of since then. The thing is I had been away from a while. By the time the decline of steem started I was also starting a project and some major changes in my life, I didn't have that much time now to be active on the platform, and I lost interest in steem mainly because I didn't like where it was heading to.

Hace dos días escribí un articulo acerca de volver a la creación de contenido, en el cual hablo de mi trayectoria en las criptomonedas, y mis primeros pasos como un creador de contenido en steen, y todas las cosas geniales de las que he sido parte desde entonces. El tema es que he estado lejos de estas plataformas por un tiempo. Para el momento en que el declive de steem inició yo estaba empezando un proyecto y algunos grandes cambios en mi vida, no tenía tanto tiempo para estar activo en la plataforma, y perdí interes en steem, principalmente porque no me gustaba hacía donde estaban llevandolo.

I sold almost all my STEEM and forgot about it for some time. If you are here you probably already know the story about HIVE. How the community thrived against the attempts of censor and centralization, and came up with an even better implementation of what steem was meant to be, or what we thought it was meant to be.

Vendí casi todo my STEEM y me olvidé de ello por un tiempo. Ya que estás aquí probablemente conoces las historia de HIVE. Como la comunidad venció contra los intentos de censura y centralización, y resurgió con una versión incluso mejor de lo que steem debía ser, o de lo que pensabamos que debía ser.

Now HIVE it is great a platform and there are a bunch of people working really hard to build solid foundations for the future grow and some really cool ideas. Even the user interfaces are a looot better now. Steemit Inc was shit tbh, I always backed steem per se but I didn't like the way this centralized entity controlled the whole thing while praising decentralization lmao.

Ahora Hive es una plataforma increíble y hay montón de personas trabajando muy duro para construir bases para el crecimiento futuro e ideas geniales. Incluso las interfaces de usuario son ahora muchisimo mejores. Para ser honesto Steemit Inc era una mierda, siempre respaldé a steem como tal pero nunca me gustó la manera en que esta entidad centralizada controlaba todo mientras al mismo tiempo promovia la descentralización, realmente ironico.

There are a lot of cool things going on in Hive right now, and I want to be an active part of that, be it creating content, engaging with the communities or contributing to the development of Hive and third party services (I have to get up to date with the documentation and the new libraries 😅).

Actualmente hay muchas cosas interesantes pasando en Hive, y quiero ser parte activa de ello, bien sea creando contenido, interactuando con las comunidades o contribuyendo en el desarrollo de Hive y servicios de terceros (Tengo que ponerme al día con la documentación y las librerias 😂).

So that are some of the reasons I'm doing this power up, and I hope to keep this initiative. I powered up a little bit over 40 HIVE

Esas son algunas de las razones por las que estoy haciendo este power up, y espero mantener esta iniciativa. Hice power up de un poco mas de 40 HIVE


I wasn't aware of the power up day so I did it yesterday 😅 so technically it doesn't count as the official power up day. I was planning on doing a post about it anyway so whatever, doesn't matter if it doesn't qualify for the contests, just wanted to share it :D

No estaba enterado del día de power up y lo hice ayer 😂 así que tecnicamente no cuenta como el día de power up oficial. De todas formas planeaba hacer un post sobre el tema así que da igual, no importa si no califica para los concursos, igual quería compartirlo :D


The last couple of days on Hive have been fun, and is nice to see how many things are going on and how active the communities are. I just published a post on Hive Gaming right in time for their contest on the best video game memories.

Los ultimos día en Hive han sido divertidos, is bueno ver cuantas cosas se están haciendo y cuan activas están las comunidades. Justo acabo de publicar un articulo en Hive Gaming justo a tiempo para su concurso sobre las mejores memorias de video juegos.

I will keep getting up to date with everything that's going around Hive, so see you soon a Hive On!

Seguiré poniendome al día con todo lo que está pasando alrededor de Hive, nos vemos luego Hive On!


im going to add you to the hispanic list of participants anyways just cause i can!!! lol the idea with this initiative is to promote the power up of Hive and you did so why not include you? lol

Hey that's so kind of you, thank you!

Oh wow! Sorry you were just out of the time frame. Next month? I hope so.

Sure! I hope to keep the tradition, have to put some power back 😄. I think they took me into account anyway for the Hispanic version of the contest, lets see.

I hope so! See you on 1 October!

Awesome stuff with the Power up! It's a cool thing to do any time but the fact there are awesome prizes and badges available if you do it on the 1st just adds to the occasion!

Now you know for future to keep some behind for the next time!

If it is fun you're looking for, then you may want to follow @yourtop3 as there is a monthly topic where you get to talk about your top 3 favourite things about a topic (not crypto related).

Take care and see you around!

Yeah exactly! It's something I was planning to do anyway but the incentives and interactions are a plus.

Thanks for passing by btw. I'm checking out @yourtop3 and following now. It seems fun, I'll definitely participate in this month's contest.

You too, see you!

Ooo, Just saw you join the Discord - thank you! Awesome, yeah feel free to ask away, about @yourtop3, we are always looking to make it more fun each month 😊