Wave Generated Hive Promotional Banner for my Social Media

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Making Hive Promotional Banners are a lot of fun for me, but also they should be bold, bright and as eye catching as possible in my opinion. So below is Tonight's creation for promoting the mighty Hive Blockchain on Twitter. Hive is a journey of discovery, let's make that journey together...

Waves of colour vibrancy created in PhotoPea Software, with Text added and filtered in my personal ShutterStock Editor Account.


I will now share just a couple of "Screen Shots" of the filter settings that I used, for those who may be interested in a little more technical information.

  • Normal Filter used on this occasion to create more colour vibrancy.
    Screen Shot 20200808 at 00.11.08.png

  • Lastly, final colour adjustments made on my Mac Laptop.
    Screen Shot 20200808 at 00.06.21.png

All of the above Banner Designs and Digital Images were created by me.
[ Strictly Copyright ©2020 @andy4475 ] & Published exclusive to Hive.

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