What do you think of Kim Jong Un's apology?

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Interestingly, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un apologized for the murder of a South Korean in the country's waters, Kim called the incident a "shameful affair" and apologized "for disappointing President Moon Jae-in and the South Koreans ".


An extremely unusual apology from the leader, this message was released at a time of freezing relations between the Koreas.

How did it all happen?

When the person, allegedly a deserter and who worked in the fishing industry, disappeared on Monday on board a patrol boat sailing near the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong, according to a South Korean military source.

This is because the border between the Koreas is heavily policed, and the North is believed to have adopted a "shoot to kill" policy to prevent coronavirus entry into the country.
Kim Jong-un also said that he understood "better than anyone the kind of pressure and difficulty" needed to overcome the coronavirus pandemic and the damage of recent typhoons in the country. It is "sincere truth" that he shares "the pain and suffering of the people of the south," he said.

An extreme act, poor nation in the hands of a boast who is entitled to do whatever he wants with people's lives!

How to control an invisible disease that is plaguing the whole world, no one is guilty of being infected, despite keeping their distance, of having the proper care, we are unfortunately still prone to being infected.

Unfortunately, an unfortunate occurrence that could have been avoided without having to attempt this man's life!


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