Do you believe that honesty still exists?

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Hello guys !

All right with you ?

In a world where the smart dominates, honesty is a rare fact, but there are still innocent people who set an example of honesty for our generation.


Here in Brazil, a boy of just 7 years of age gives an example of honesty by leaving a ticket in a car he crossed out by accident, to which he said the following: Sorry, I hit your car, I got off my bike, here's the number my dad's phone number (xx) xxxxxxx.

This little boy with an easy smile, we are inspired by a very simple attitude, but unfortunately not all of us practice, right?

Benício, he was walking with his father on a bicycle when he unintentionally unbalanced and hit the handlebars on a car that was parked, the boy fell and was not injured, but the impact left a risk in the car body, leaving him extremely worried about the situation.

He could in turn, act like any child and pretend that nothing happened, get up and leave the place, but he did exactly the opposite, with the help of his father, he wrote the cute note, loaded with honesty.

The boy was so desperate that he thought he would never ride a bike again, and he was so desperate ... He was also a little sad, since he planned to pay for the damage with the coins he has kept for years, which are given by the family on holidays. Then his father was so touched to see his son's concern, to see him say that his money would not pay to repair the car.

The car owner, upon finding the ticket, was touched and decided not to charge for the repair .... Thrilled by the attitude, the vehicle owner shared the story on his Twitter account and the case quickly went viral, a photo with the question: “ How can I be mad at a child like that? ”

And, were you also moved by this cute story?


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